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                  Orient Group, Always Your First Choice

                  Orient-Full Certification

                  Shanghai Orient Appraisal Co., Ltd. (Orient) is now one of the largest professional appraisal organizations in China and one of the most famous intermediary consulting organizations that holds the “Qualification Certificate on Asset Appraisal engaged in Securities” jointly issued by CSRC and the Ministry of Finance, the A-grade certificate of assets appraisal organization issued by SASAC.

                  Orient- Remarkable Performance

                  Over the recent years, Orient’s revenue from appraisal business has always ranked the first in Shanghai’s appraisal industry and within the top three in China. The valuation revenue for assets and real estate surpassed 200 million RMB per year in successive 2017, 2016, 2015, which was far ahead of other valuation agencies in Shanghai. Meanwhile, the scale of professionals and business operation ranks first in East China. Orient has rich experience in key projects. In the past few years, Orient has taking 80% share of important projects in capital market of Shanghai.


                  In 2017, Orient swept up all important restructuring valuation projects for listed state-owned enterprises in Shanghai. Meanwhile Orient hosted a large number of major valuation projects for central enterprises, of which business income contributes one-third of the company’s revenue.

                  Orient-Widely Distributed Business

                  Orient’s business has almost covered in China of all provinces, municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area. With the progress of economic globalization, most of multi-national corporations carry out “global business strategy”. Therefore, the overseas M&A projects have been maintaining a growing momentum. The professionals of Orient has been abroad for several times in recent years to countries such as USA, Canada , Germany , France , Italy , Hungary, Japan , Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand for overseas assets appraisal.
                  Orient is always the first choice in China to conduct the cross border assessment service.

                  Orient-Business all over the world

                  Orient-Rich Experience

                  Top 1 in Shanghai as is engaged in Overseas Valuation Project

                  Partial Clients of Fortune Global 500

                  Orient- Customer Name for SASAC

                  Top 1 in Shanghai as is engaged in SASAC Valuation Project

                  Contact Information

                  ?Address: F19,No.889,West Yan’an Road,Shanghai,PRC